Avast Premier 20.10.5824 2021 License Key (Till 2026) + Free Download

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Avast Premier 20.10.5824 2021 License Key (Till 2026) + Free Download

Avast Premier 20.10.5824 2021 License Key is currently the best security available from Avast. In addition to enhanced protection, it has some advanced features like SafeZone for secure online shopping and banking. Set up a Firewall to prevent hacker attacks. This top antivirus is not like the others because it blocks all webcam hacking and stops ransomware before it starts. It protects your computer, your home network, and passwords from zero-second threats with smart cloud-based detection. This will automatically update your programs and permanently destroy your data.

Avast Premier 2021 License Key

Avast Premier Key range of paid security software previously included several products, namely Avast Pro, Avast Internet Security, and Avast Premier. From now on, however, all subscribers will have access to all paid antivirus features through a single product – Avast Premium Security. Since the very functional levels of antivirus product developers are very confusing, this was probably a good move. Complete, first-class protection against all kinds of attacks, including those that have not yet occurred. It includes enhanced home network scans.

Avast Premier License Key + Full Download:

Avast Premier Full Version offers a wealth of security, confidentiality, and performance features designed to keep your computer malware-free. Protect your privacy, and keep your system running smoothly. In terms of protecting against malware, Avast rarely disappoints, especially in recent years. It has been getting consistently high scores in malware detection for some time. The real-time scanning engine uses a relatively limited amount of system resources. You can also check suspicious files and run dangerous applications in an isolated.

That’s all you need from the world’s most reliable security. Stay safe within the user community managed by over 250 million people who report threats as soon as they arise. Avast Premier is complete online protection for all your computers, phones, and tablets. Automatically updating software versions, and accessing the computer remotely. The software includes a function to improve the performance of your computer and eliminate unnecessary data.

Avast Premier PC premium software with a set of antivirus and antispyware tools for comprehensive protection of your computer. The software has advanced technologies to remove malware, protect the home network and block suspicious actions. Avast Premier offers several scanning modes for systems, including a smart scan to detect the system’s vulnerabilities. The software provides complete security and privacy on the internet thanks to the anti-spam module. Built-in firewall, webcam protection, VPN navigation, and fake website detection.

Key Features:

Intelligent antivirus:

  • This is the basic and central function of antivirus.
  • It detects all kinds of threats like viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and also phishing attacks.
  • It is constantly being improved to provide the fastest detection speed.
  • Security updates with new virus information are released several times a day.
  • Data is collected from more than 400 million users with Avast installed on their computers and new threats are identified in real-time.


  • This advanced technology detects unknown files and sends them to Avast Threat Labs for real-time analysis by Avast experts.

Behavioral shield:

  • This shield detects and blocks suspicious behavior patterns, which can be signs of unknown threats or ransomware.
  • It is also called zero-second protection.

Smart scan:

  • Perform a complete scan of your computer with one click.
  • Make sure that no threats like malware or viruses are hidden on your computer.
  • That there are any problems or vulnerabilities in your network.
  • It also checks for available software updates installed on your computer. Easy and fast way to be sure.

Ransomware Shield:

  • Block ransomware and other unreliable applications around your most important files, such as personal photos, videos, work documents, etc.
  • Modify, delete or encrypt.
  • Only reliable programs should update it in any way.
  • Just do not be a victim of ransomware again and avoid taking your files hostage.

Automatic software update:

  • Check for software security solutions and performance upgrades to install them automatically when a new version is available.
  • You can quickly patch vulnerabilities on your computer before hackers get a chance to attack your computer.
  • Through security holes in some outdated software products.

More Features:


  • Use isolated space for unsafe operations such as watching videos.
  • Running programs, checking websites, and downloading files to prevent damage to your computer.


  • Prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your computer.
  • It monitors and silently filters the data reaching your computer, removes known threats, and isolates suspicious ones.

Wi-Fi inspector:

  • The best protection for your home network and any device connected to it, such as your computer, smartphone, tablet, printer, etc.
  • It detects certain vulnerabilities so that you can be protected at all times.


  • Help you manage your passwords for all your accounts while remembering only one.
  • Help you create new and unbreakable passwords.
  • No more passwords are stored in your browser or you have to use the same password.

Rated data:

  • Protect your secrets by permanently deleting sensitive files as soon as you want to delete them.
  • You no longer have to worry about someone downloading your deleted files and data.
  • Especially valuable if you share the computer with other people or if you want to sell it.

Webcam sign:

  • Block access to your webcam. From now on, everything and everyone needs your permission.
  • You can use your webcam so no one can watch.
  • It can even turn off the camera for good if needed.
  • This no longer means hijacking of a webcam by hackers.

Passive state:

  • If you want to use your current antivirus solution, but like some of the additional features of Avast, this may be the solution for you.
  • You can put Avast antivirus in passive mode, disabling central antivirus functionality.
  • This way you avoid potential conflicts between two antivirus programs running on a system.
  • You can access the smart Avast features you want while still using your favorite antivirus product.

Clean browser:

  • Remove all unwanted toolbars, add-ons, and extensions installed in your browser and restore the settings as you wish.

Avast account:

  • It allows you to manage all your protected devices and licenses in one place.

Direct support:

  • In case of product problems, you do not have to spend precious time seeking help.
  • Just visit the online support center and get your help.

Avast Premier License Key

What's New?
  • Stretches and uses a lot of memory.
  • Schedule and adjust daily updates.
  • Installation is simple and straightforward.
  • The best protection for your files and windows.
  • Available at the price you download and enjoy.
  • Automatically configure your hardware system at the best price.
  • Avast Premier does not ask for your private information such as email, name, etc.
  • Cannot be installed on Microsoft Windows older than Windows XP and DOS.
  • Probably in many languages, for example, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, English, etc.
  • To operate only the Avast Cleanup key, you must first damage the Windows firewall,
  • as two firewalls running at the same time can cause many problems.
  • Updated GUI engine
  • Right-clicking Explorer Scan now works on the home screen
  • Fixed crash while updating virus definitions on the 32-bit operating system
  • The virus detected by File Shield is now in quarantine properly
  • The firewall profile is known accurately when connected to various system adapters
  • Fixed the specific situation with a blank Windows profile in Windows 10 after Avast was upgraded
  • It has fixed several Internet Shield interruptions, including the corruption of most downloaded files
  • Set the message about Finished Smart Scan so that the results are displayed accurately or the scan starts again
System Requirements
  • Windows 10; Windows 8 / 8.1 except RT and compressed
  • Edition 3 2 or 64-bit Windows 7 SP 1
  • more, any version (3 2 or 64 bit).
  • Fully Windows compatible computer with Intel Pentium 4 AMD
  • Processor Athlon 64 or higher (must support SSE2 instructions).
  • 1 GB RAM or more.
  • 2 GB free space.
  • Internet connection to download faster
  • maintenance program and database updates.
  • Optimal screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.
How to Install?
  • Download the program first and install it
  • After installation, go to “Avast Settings”> “Troubleshooting”
  • Activate “Avast! Self Defense Module”
  • Now open the download folder and open the zip file with the license key
  • Use these activation keys
  • Restart the system
  • Enjoy the features of Premier

Avast Premier Activation Code


Avast Premier Activation Key


Avast Premier Serial Key


Avast Premier Key


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